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Youth, aggression, powerful energy, freshness of musical decisions along with the best traditions of classical cyber-electro-industrial / EBM of the late 80s / early 90s of last century – this and more is CHROME CORPSE from Seattle, U.S.A.. Founded by Michael F Ninethousand, when he was in high school, the project later evolved into a band with 4 members. And despite of the young age of all members, CHROME CORPSE initially focused on writing authentic and uncompromising electro-industrial music, in best tradition of the «golden era» of Wax Trax & Zoth Ommog labels and the epochal FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, NUMB, VOMITO NEGRO, MENTALLO & THE FIXER and THE KLINIK albums!

Today in Northern America there is a real BIG REVIVAL of dark-aggressive-EBM music and CHROME CORPSE confidently take a prominent place among this new generation of underground dark-electronic bands.

Furious, raw and emotionally saturated, the music of CHROME CORPSE at the same time features catchy melodies, distinct individuality and can be strongly recommended to new & old fans of pure electronic industrial music!

After several self-released Digital, MC and CD-R releases, CHROME CORPSE together with Razgrom Music now present their first physical CD. It is a collection of the best tracks of CHROME CORPSE, and some of which were specially remixed & upgraded for this compilation.
Released Mid November 2018 by Razgrom Music.

Track Listing:
01. Gratification War 
02. Lonely God 
03. Defense Mechanism 
04. A.I.T.W.A.T. (2018 Remix)
05. Reanimate To Exterminate 
06. Furry Biopunk Occultism 
07. Corroded Sickness
08. Hard To Kill (Neo Samurai 2038 theme) 
09. Binary Cries (Version 3) 
10. Bodily Dictatorship
11. Roadkill 
12. Trauma Tech 
13. Dive Into Nothingness 
14. Discordant Disgrace 
15. Your Body
16. Reanimate To Exterminate (Kiss is Kill Remix) 
17. A.I.T.W.A.T. (Instrumental)
18. Defense Mechanism (TC75 Remix) 
19. Corroded Sickness (Instrumental Club Mix)

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