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Cardinal Noire: DELUGE CD


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Based in Lappeenranta, Finland, Cardinal Noire already look back on a very successful album on EK Product in 2015 and in addition: both members have a long musical history reaching back to mid-late 90's, most notably in the long running industrial metal band ‘The Republic of Desire’. After the band split, member ‘w424’ was asked to join PROTECTORATE (also on EK Product!) as a live member (backing vocals and improvised noise). This latest project – Cardinal Noire - started in late 2012, as a sideproject of Protectorate and their self-titled debut was extremely well received! The EBM/Industrial act is a creator of menacing anger and deeply dark sounds that are like an extraplanetary subsoil from which they make emerge a galaxy of disturbing sounds. Their second album focuses in its core on a complex EBM/industrial musicality overflowing with aggression and icy ruthlessness.

Released Early Februry 2018 on Audiotrauma.

Track Listing:
01. Narchon Kfrcphl
02. Controlled addiction
03. Useful Idiot
04. Deluge
05. Community Collapse
06. No Reformation
07. Relance
08. Plague Eviction
09. Bury My Heart in a Landfill

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