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Cardinal Noire: CARDINAL NOIRE


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Cardinal Noire are creators of menacing anger and deeply dark sounds that are like an extraplanetary subsoil from which they make emerge a galaxy of disturbing modulations. Their debut focuses in its core on a complex EBM/industrial musicality overflowing with aggression and icy  ruthlessness, conditions arising from the inner darkness so intensely ingrained within the mind of the protagonists. Nine songs for nine expressions of technological nightmares, all this lead by harsh-hallucinated vocals that lacerate your ears... The sequence of tracks is dominated by the logic of hellish, annihilator synthetic frequencies, which have only one specific target: you and the total destabilization of your mind.... Beware: Not for the weak at heart!

Released late March 2015 on EK Product.

Track Listing:
01 Venom - The kognitiiv Dissidenz
02 Narkomat
03 MKIV - Eternal
04 A New Form Of Machinery
05 White Dust
06 Flagellant
07 Black Sustenance
08 Purgation
09 Mirror Shards

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