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Controlled Collapse: INJECTION

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From the EBM forges at Noise Terror Prod., the label run by Suicide Commando"s Johan van Roy, comes this much anticipated release. If Poland wasn"t always synonymous with quality control in the past, Controlled Collapse are proof that the former Eastern bloc has become a musical force to be reckoned with. Their debut "Injection" is a mix of hard electro and purest EBM with its sights set squarely on the dancefloor.Those who normally steer clear of the brutal, heavy sounds of bands like Agonoize, Amduscia, Hocico or Virtual Embrace should give Controlled Collapse a chance: the project owes a far greater musical debt to material in the vein of early Velvet Acid Christ. Moving freely and quickly between the poles "hard", "variable", and "manic", the duo from Lódz have created an album packed with clever ear candy which should find a loving home in many a Hellectro-free CD collection. Tracks featuring guest vocalists like Flesh Field frontwoman Wendy Yanko ("Solitude") or Psyche"s Darrin Huss ("Fulfillment") provide an almost technopop counterpoint to the album"s harsher elements.Conceptually, the album explores the daily madness of the individual and the types of psychological damage we inflict on ourselves through our own choices and actions. A real "injection" is no longer necessary - we create our own pathologies inside our heads out of our experiences, fears, and desires. "Injection" sets to music our daily rollercoaster ride through life as we find ourselves over and over again in situations of our own making.Released late March, 2007.Track Listing:01 Intro02 Liar03 Choice04 Dreams05 Insane Asylum06 Trust [takes time]07 Inject [syringe edit]08 Where were you09 Solitude [feat. Wendy Yanko]10 Selfless11 Fulfillment [feat. Darrin Huss]12 Memory of the Past

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