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Released late September, 2012.Track Listing CD1 "BENT":1. Mind Games (cEvin Key/Ken "HiWatt" Marshall Mix) Remixed by cEvin Key/Ken "HiWatt" Marshall2. Orgy3. Bent and Broken4. In the Frequency (Great Apes Mix) Remixed by Tom Gipson5. She Makes Me6. kaRIN, You’re Not Yourself Today Remixed by Aaron McDonald7. Lucky 13 (Damaged Mix) Remixed by Android Lust8. Mind Games (Statik Mix)Remixed by Statik9. Tears Like Rain (Coudburst Mix) Rethought by Katarrhaktes10. Chaotic (Shades of Red Mix) Remixed by Alyssa Finnivan11. Clearer (Shades of Red Mix) Remixed by Alyssa Finnivan12. Lost in the Frequent Sea Remixed by iNGRUO13. Pure Bliss (Black Sheep Mix) Remixed by The Black Sheep Project14. Human (n30fr05t Mix) Remixed by Matt "n30fr05t" Gatsos15. Counting to Zero (kaRIN"s Lullaby Mix) Remixed by Antigen5CD2 "BROKEN":1. Tears Like Rain (Psych-Nein Mix) Remixed by Psych-Nein2. In the Frequency (Chris Vrenna Mix) Remixed by Chris Vrenna3. Chaotic (Oxidized) Remixed by DJO24. Head Spin (LgVela Dance Mix) Remixed by LgVela5. Clearer (Serrated Edge Mix) Remixed by Synkraft6. Tongue Tied and Twisted (Diffuzion Mix) Remixed by Diffuzion7. Pure Bliss (Bliss Tech Mix) Remixed by Vinnie Saletto featuring DJ Forensic8. In the Frequency (Pure Oxygen) Remixed by DJO29. Chaotic (Hazard Mix) Remixed by Synkraft10. Counting to Zero (Million Stars Mix) Remixed by Eric Fisher (Tapping the Vein)11. Utopia (Unraveling Breaths) Remixed by Whitney Kew

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