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Clock DVA is one of the pivotal groups of industrial music. Founded more than forty years ago, the instrumental outfit has seen a contemporary partnership of electronic experimentation forged between Adi Newton and Maurizio Martinucci since 2010. It is their source material that proves fertile ground for two remixes, remixes by two heavyweights of electronic music. Atom™ delivers his re-imagining of “De-Konstructor.” A lone string is met by snapping snares as an alluring, yet cold, melody unfolds. Newton’s raspy throaty words rise, a stark prescient poetry countered by angular acid-twisted keys before samples buckle and loop. The second stalwart of electronics drafted in is Scanner for his reframing of “Rayonist Refraction #1.” A ghostly female voice haunts a backdrop of electrical fizz and voluminous cracks of shuddering thunder. Guitar strings tremble in this eerie land-scape with a smattering of spoken text bringing solace to this hostile environment. Music for an all to immediate reality.

A very special Vinyl, that comes single-sided (music), while the B-side contains an Etching. It contains two remixes of tracks, originally released on a limited MEMORY STICK under the
name 'Clock 2' in 2014.

The remixes have been constructed by two heavy weights in electronic music: Atom™ (aka Uwe Schmidt aka Atomheart aka Lassigue Bendthaus...) and Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud.

Released Mid July 2024 on Frigio Records.

Tracks Listing:
A1 De-Konstructor (Atom™  Remix) [07:32]
A2 Rayonist Refraction #1 (Scanner Remix) [05:07]

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