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Cyclone B

Cyclone B is an innovative electronic band from Estonia, distinguished by the powerful EBM/Industrial driven rhythms of craftily produced synthetic beats on one hand and emotionally cold and harsh vocals on the other. Since its very start in 1999 Cyclone B owned and gradually developed their unique charismatic virtuosity and stubbornly uncommon approach to the sound design, which now resulted in the form of their debut full-length "Consequences Of Hidden Truth". The contrast to the modern state of the scene is the mark point of Cyclone B"s way, while forging well-known instruments and elements into the whole lot, there is always a space for something special and fresh. The band first broke thru with the remixes of perfect quality for the likes of VIRTUAL SERVER, GLIS, PERFIDIOUS WORDS, BATTERY CAGE, AGONISED BY LOVE, also contributing their personal treatments of classic tracks for different compilations in the meanwhile. Hitting the stage live along with such acts as Fading Colours, Colony 5, Final Selection, Covenant and Haujobb, Cyclone B progressed further their professional skills and talents, raising the level of their own music standards higher… With "Consequences Of Hidden Truth", Cyclone B publicly present their almost genius work to be entered the underground society, top-notch diversity of structures fused with the maximum of novelty among the typical rest. A great chance to discover hidden truth!Released in 2005 on Advoxya.Track Listing:01. Reflection02. Illusion03. Sputnik USSR04. Agony05. Thromb Of Life06. You Will Never Take Away07. Master Of The World08. Nothing09. Defloration10. Deathember11. Razor

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