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After 16 years of silence, Cronos Titan return for REAL! In March we saw the release of a 2CD compilation of all their previous work + 7 unreleased bonustracks, and now they come up with a brand new album, that turns out to be a hard-hitting, strong electro-industrial comeback in 8 tracks!Cronos Titan is a project consisting of Per Aksel Lundgreen (from Apoptygma Berzerk, Angst Pop, Chinese Detectives) and Pr3ben Bjønnes (from Chinese Detectives, Posh and Defcon 4), and their electro-industrial -sample-soundscapes put them on the map in the mid 90’s, but at the same time, they also produced sweet synth-pop together under the name Chinese Detectives, and back then, they decided to put all their efforts into that project and let Cronos Titan rest.It was a long rest… Way to long, and it was never planned this way, it just happened… Well, nothing happened, that was the problem, until now! As a result of the great reception given to the 2CD ‘Total Titan’, Per Aksel and Pr3ben started talking about maybe doing some new stuff again, and after performing live for the first time in 16 years (2 gigs in Norway), the guys were bursting over with new ideas and inspiration, so the recording of some new demos started. This very soon resulted in a lot of new material, and also, a festival appearance inGermany was booked. On September 9th. 2012, Cronos Titan performed at the NCN Festival in Leipzig, and after their return from Germany, the new album ”Titans Remain!” was completed.Released late November, 2012 on Emmo.Biz.Track Listing:01 Crash the Scriptures (07:24)02 Clouds of Glory (06:17)03 Army of Lies (10:47)04 The spiritual Hunger (05:34)05 Poison Chalice (05:40)06 Inside the giant Iron Cross (09:20)07 In Times of Passion (07:12)08 I am a Machine (Parts I – III) (16:22)

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