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Deathrock at it’s purest! After more or less 10 years in activity as a gifted Death-rock live-act, Batboner finally release an official debut album. The band has released several EPs and singles on their own during the many incarnations of the band, but this is the first album. It features songs written in the beginning as well as songs written right up to the recording of the album, and showcases the entire spectrum of the band.

From surf, to goth to punk and with a slightly progressive twist, but always with deathrock as the main building block. This is why the record is self titled. It IS Batboner. On Batboner the songs have been produced to be their best self. Entities on their own, yet they form a cohesive whole. This is a new sound for deathrock. The lyric material comes from a place of catharsis, dream fragments, painful memories and situations from a personal aspect. Which in return are shaped from a wall of ramblings into lyrical format, cutting it down to the core. They are not necessarily telling a story, but rather a state of mind which contrasts the visually playful and colorful aspect of the band.

Released Late July 2020 by Danse Macabre.

Track Listing:
01. Tripping the Rift 
02. Ikon 
03. Boogie Bat 
04. Chrysalis 
05. Circles 
06. Lala Land 
07. Dysphoria 
08. Henway Hetay Eadday Alksway 
09. Long John Blazing

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