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Bamboo Knock At XI O'Clock: COLD IS AN EASY THING CD


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...Still as obscure as it was from the very start, though experiencing a sort of rediscovery thanks to
the Internet and Alexander Kushnir’s “100 Magnet Albums of Soviet Music”.
Released in 1999, "Стук бамбука в XI часов"(BAMBOO KNOCK AT XI O'CLOCK ) deserve more
than just attention, but sheer, utmost respect. Because you’ll never find another album made like this,
or that sounds like this. A perfect mood piece, and one of the best Russian language albums of all time.

Released Late March 2017 on Infinite Fog
Track Listing:
01 La Cheval de ma Vie
02 Fragile Two
03 White Lily of Hell
04 Snow Honey
05 Gentle Tiger
06 Cocoa shells
07 Coast Fall

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