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Ascending from the subterranean bowels of the Hollywood underground, like some decrepit Zombie bent on revenge, post punk/deathrock ambassadors Black Heroin Gallery lament the slow death of earth, whilst anticipating its debut on Alice In…

It's been a rather trudging journey thus far. Fraught with tedium and rancor, but the never surrendering tenacity of chief songwriter/mastermind/vocalist Eyajo December Joseph has finally culminated with the realization of this dark gift.

Often described as a wayward synthesis of Shadow Project, The Virgin Prunes, Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend, Cinema Strange and Sopor Aeternus, BHG serves it's acolytes a musical and lyrical blood offering hexed by the omens of tinsel town drama, deceased friends, deterioration of youth, financial ineptitude, lost love and rituals gone awry.

New life requires the immersion of fresh blood as 2016 welcomes agile guitarist Kris Fantom into the decadent bosom of Black Heroin Gallery lore. Shearing the percussion is maniacal juggernaut Tony F. Corpse (Willow Wisp, Salems Lott) and providing the black heart of rhythm is one Kevin Desolate. Strange occurrences are afoot and history shall be reconstructed to the liking of the rebellious miscreants. Fire burns brightly within our mordant souls and BHG is primed to reap the rewards of non-wavering freaks and fallacies. World, you have been warned.

Released late December 2016 on Alice In.

Track Listing:
01 The Worm Prince of Black Toad Hollow
02 Below Dark Waters
03 December Malice
04 His beautiful Darkness
05 I walk alone to My Grave
06 As she slumbers
07 Twitching Dead Things
08 On this Evil Day
09 In her Black Garden
10 To become a Nightmare

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