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7th album by the darkly electronic incarnation of Martin Schindler’s (Mantus) Black Heaven! In the 8 years since the previous ‘Dystopia’, life has sharpened its blades on his soul. Even more so, however, “Suicide Songs” is introspective. It’s him searching for reasons why all these wounds, scars and doubts declared his mind home. And it’s him facing these wounds and fears, dedicating twelve dark electro anthems to them, radiating a tragically beautiful urgency that hasn’t been heard since the early years of that fateful new millennium. “Suicide Songs” is continuing what BLUTENGEL’s “Seelenschmerz” or WUMPSCUT’s “Wreath of Barbs” started: Songs like wounds, telling of deep longing, deep pain and deep beauty.

Rather self-explanatory, then, that this record is by far the most personal, most honest and most intimate piece of art Schindler ever consummated under the moniker BLACK HEAVEN. Yes, it hurts. But it’s healing us, too.

Released Late November 2019 by Trisol.

Track Listing: 
01. Am I dead? 
02. Into Suicide 
03. My Fault 
04. When I’m dead 
05. No Love 
06. Wake me up 
07. Fly 
08. The Enemy in ourselves 
09. Another Life 
10. Leave me alone 
11. Away 
12. Disappear

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