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andreas brinkert a.k.a. bipol (synth, sampling, programming & arrangement) has been active since 1992. he has also supported well known bielefeld based artists such as ars moriendi, templegarden"s and rasputeen. in 2000, he and andreas glöckner started the rhythm industrial project punch inc. which has released one cd-r and two fulltime cds. in addition, he began to develop his own project bipol in 2005. ritual is the result of two years of hard work, a mixage of electronic tribal/triphop beats, combined with dark psychotic soundscapes, drony bass lines and odd voice samples. bipol"s music could be seen as the continuation of industrial music before power noise took over; that is, pounding beat boxes, irritating electro acoustic sounds and disturbing implementation of effects. the mood is quite the same on this release - brinkert"s technical skills and ritual"s production prove that this cd is a topical one. moctan"s remix of invocation demonstrates that bipol"s basics work perfectly in hard four-to-the-floor context. bipol"s aim is to create a menacing sentiment of insecurity that is a result of medial influences in our industrial civilisation. a kaleidoscope of hope, aspiration and fear, turned into sound. from the beginning you will be trapped in a cage of sheer intensity, unable to escape and unwilling to stop listening. this is the soundtrack of life"s dark corners. enjoy...Released mid-June, 2007 on Ant-Zen.Track Listing:01 decision02 ritual murder03 reproduction I04 invocation05 stay06 sweet bombs07 reproduction II08 destruction09 oh, no10 psychonoia11 painkiller12 nomansland13 invocation / more pain - rmx by moctan

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