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Every band claims to be unique and innovative. Few actually are. Bestias de Assalto builds upon a couple of generations of harsh audio fanatics and yes they stand on the shoulders of giants. When you’ll first listen to their album "Sectas de la Guerra" you will immediately be drawn in! These guys are serious about their music and it shows. The trio from Mexico constructs their mayhem with the mathematical precision of a German engineer. Relentless, brutal and without a shred of mercy. They execute their personal brand of terrortek with passion and a wonderful attention to detail. Intense barrages of sonic terror are unleashed and reigned in by haunting melodies.
The combination of unstoppable force and almost tender reflection merge into a maelstrom of beats, violent keyboard riffs and a voice that comes straight from the pit of hell. Powerful, intense and not for the faint of heart!

Released October 2014 on COP International.

Track Listing:
01 Infernal Gun Machine
02 Sargento Dolor
03 Korengal
04 Savagery of Terrorist Attack
05 M.D.C. (Military Death Commander)
06 Himno de Guerra
07 Sacrifice Annihilation
08 Cadaveres
09 Sexo Psicotico
10 Sectas de la Guerra

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