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ANARCHOTECH present a sonic exploration blending vintage electro-industrial elements with captivating beats and gritty sounds. With nine tracks spanning 52 minutes, this album is a testament to vision and talent – and ANARCHOTECH wishes for nothing less than revolution. ANARCHOTECH is the brainchild of Chicago-based artist Rob Boyle, also known as DJ Sprite. With a relentless blend of rhythm'n'noise and industrial techno, he has been crushing dancefloors at America’s most respected clubs and festivals for over two decades, leaving a rail of distorted beats and electrifying energy in his wake.

As ANARCHOTECH prepares to take the stage at the 2024 edition of the Forms of Hands label festival in Germany, listeners are invited on a journey through dense layers and evocative, sometimes soundtrack-like atmospheres. Notably, the album features two remixes by acclaimed artists iVardensphere and the boundless - adding some definite dance floor appeal to the sonic map of “Origin Stories”.

Join ANARCHOTECH as he blurs the lines between timeless influences and modern innovation, inviting listeners to explore the intersection of technology, power, and humanity in the digital age.

Released late June 2024 on Hands Productions.

Tracks Listing:
01 Weaponized Smart Appliances
02 Misanthropologists
03 Emotion Chip Malfunction
04 Robot Union Wildcat Strike
05 Neo-Cetacean Power Armor Squad
06 Hivemind Schism
07 Shedding Stellar Skin
08 Robot Union Wildcat Strike (iVardensphere rmx)
09 Emotion Chip Malfunction (_the boundless_ rmx)

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