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Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies! AMORPHOUS is the solo project of Gil OS from Brazil, who now lives in Brighton, England as a UK citizen. Gil was previous member of MORGUE MECHANISM (Off Beat-era), and now is an important part of the electro-industrial underground movement (with such bands as FIX8:SED8, FULL CONTACT 69, PYRROLINE, AMNISTIA, TERMINAL STATE, etc..).

AMORPHOUS presents a new album "Stigmergy", which confirms the high status of this project in the world electro-industrial music scene and, at the same time, surprises with unusual stylistic solutions and experiments with sound.

AMORPHOUS music has always been complexly constructed and multi-layered, icy gloomy & predatory creeping (and therefore very atmospheric), but now it has also become very energetic, whipping, pulsating. "Stigmergy" logically develops the sound concept of its predecessor "Moth Metaphor” and its sound is still in between complex electro-industrial and authentic dark EBM, but tempo and dynamics of the new tracks have greatly speed up, it seems like AMORPHOUS music got an injection of "high-octane" adrenaline!

Heavy industrial beat, high-tech electronic sounds and powerful energetic rhythms make AMORPHOUS’ new album a must-have for all fans of classic VELVET ACID CHRIST, SKINNY PUPPY & FLA releases!

Released Mid December 2021 by Razgrom Music

Tracks Listing:
01. Blackhole   
02. I'm Not Real   
03. Backfired   
04. First Impressions Last   
05. Enough
06. Precious Moment   
07. Tale of Us  
08. Generation X

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