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Antibiosis is the Russia based band formely includes 2 members - Roman and Denis. This debut release presents to the listener excellently combined work, full of original melodies and industrial beats, mixed with harsh vocals - as it expected in harsch-electro genre. The album contains 16 songs, among which there are remixes from already well-known bands as A7IE, Viscera Drip, Adeonesis, CutOff:Sky and collaboration with Stahlnebel & BlackSelket. Design for the album was created by Wilger / Adeonesis, mastering provided by StahlBlack Studio. Our congratulations to the band - one of the best release in 2016, talented new-comer in russian and (let hope so) world industrial / dark-electro scene.

Released Mid December 2016 by Advoxya Records.

Track Listing:
01. Price Paid For Your Sins
02. Wishmaster
03. Living Dead
04. Extinct Universe
05. Gas Asphyxiation
06. Geh Weiter (feat. Stahlnebel & BlackSelket)
07. Deformed Life
08. Terror Followers
09. Medieval Devilry
10. Entombed
11. Deformed Life (A7IE remix)
12. Extinct Universe (apocalypsy remix by Alien Nation)
13. Deformed Life (Venal Flesh remix)
14. Medieval Devilry (CutOff:Sky remix)
15. Extinct Universe (Adeonesis remix)
16. Wishmaster (Viscera Drip remix)

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