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Nadine "Cooraz" Engel (also known for her work with ACYLUM and TOTEM OBSCURA) took many by surprise with the extreme brutality and power of her “Freakshow” debut album. Today, the German artist brings AENGELDUST to the next level with “Agent Orange”! Rising from her uncompromising roots of strict industrial noise, AENGELDUST adds structure in her compositions and injects harsh elektro layers and heavy provocative samples to make her work progress more towards bands like early-DIVE, FEINDFLUG or yet DIOXYDE. Adding this way some kind of hypnotic noise melodic sequences and viral synths layers to her “AK47 industrial sounds” à la SONAR. “Agent Orange” is there to atomize all underground clubs playing merciless industrial tunes to their dislocating masochistic audience. The machine noises act like electro shocks and trigger an overwhelming sensation of contradictory neural reactions intensifying the addiction to these alien mesmerizing tunes. AENGELDUST is harsh industrial noize to play at maximum volume. AENGELDUST is not for the fainthearted and requires parental advisory. “Agent Orange”’s sonic warfare even gets augmented here by blasting guest appearances by CIRCUITO CERRADO, FABRIKC, PROJECT ERRATIC and DJ Ele.

The underworld bitch is back once again with her sonic army to blow up your industrial standards at full blast... Enjoy the kick! A MUST for fans of SONAR, DIVE, FEINDFLUG, etc.

Released late June 2017 on Alfa Matrix.

Track Listing:
01 Duce
02 Genosse Tod
03 Agent Orange
04 Angstbewegung
05 Agent Orange (Part2 feat. Circuito Cerrado)
06 Suicide Bomber
07 Fahnenträger
08 Dinero de Sangre
09 Duce (Part2 feat. Fabrikc)
10 Meth Face
11 Dominazioni
12 Agent Orange (Part3 feat. Project Erratic)
13 Paranoia
14 Delusion
15 Fahnenträger (Overdose Version by DJ Ele)

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