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Atrium Carceri: PHRENITIS


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"The "Phrenitis" takes the listener to a twisted place where the walls between worlds are razed. The ruinous cities of wars long past, where time itself is but a prisoner and the warlords roaming their purgatorial halls are free to destroy the very foundations of the natural order. "Phrenitis" is the 6th album of Atrium Carceri and is yet another step of the ever increasing Atrium Carceri wake up call. Simon Heath shows himself and the world, yet again, that no man is ever truly the master of their art unless they strive to evolve with it. The soundscapes he has created bypass the conscious mind, taking the listener deep into his pristine nightmare. The evolution of sound is spot-on and sets Atrium Carceri apart from other lazy dark ambient acts by being a truly diverse piece, replete with details upon details to make the illusion complete, and haunting compositions to make the mind yearn.Released late December, 2009 on Cold Meat Industries.Track Listing:01 Faces of war02 Inside the City03 Surfacing04 Hypnosis05 Floating06 Eraser07 At the end of time08 Time Freeze09 The Circle of 1210 Through the Loop11 The Way Back12 Sub Surface13 Reunion14 Resistance

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