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Atrium Animae: DIES IRAE


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Atrium Animae is a hermetic project distinguished by dusky atmospheres and a mesmeric journey into a world of submission and desperation.In the full-length concept album Dies Irae, the recurring theme within the seven tracks is the relationship between Man and God as a symbolicvoyage in a silent wasteland made of treachery, defeat and spiritual hunger. Founded in Italy in 2007, Atrium Animae merges the talents of Massimiliano Picconi (keyboards, programming) with Alessia Cicala (Conservatory-trained soprano female vocalist). The music is characterized by a “classical” approach, where the basis of the composition is represented by complex polyphonic vocal parts and expressive instruments centered around orchestral strings and horns. This becomes a new starting point from Alessia"s previous experiences in Chirleison and Essences.The analysis of the human condition and its relationship with God is made on Dies Irae through a separation into two main parts.Seven dramatic tracks - 44 minutes of total playing time - of a desolate journey into an apocalyptic scenario with no hope of redemption.Released May, 2011 on Projekt Records.Track Listing:01 Psalmus 5702 Rex Gloriae03 Psalmus 8704 Lacrimosa Dies05 Signum Iudicii06 Sigillum Septimum07 Angelum Abyssi

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