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On their 4th album “ANTI#VERSUS” Amnistia take no prisoners. The Leipzig based Bodywave-institution continues to develop and proves their strengths: Firm beats, infectious melodies, specific and sophisticated sounds, ernest vocals, straight talking lyrics and choruses that speak to the listener are combined with a useful dose of rawness.
“ANTI#VERSUS” delivers ammunition for the clubs, offers space to reflect and delves into the depths of human weaknesses. AMNISTIA is the PLUS to the MINUS, ANTI and VERSUS as well as PRO and CONTRA. Life is a process – a track to the destination. AMNISTIA invites us to join their voyage.

Released late January, 2014 on Scanner.

Track Listing CD1:
01 Init^5
02 Catch Me
03 Suspects  
04 Contrast
05 Driven  
06 Schwarz & Licht
07 Monologue
08 More  
09 Vanish into Air  
10 Crash Course with Life
11 One Level down  
12 Anti#Versus

01 Anti#Versus - Cryo Remix
02 Catch Me - Electronic Memories RMX by MC1R
03 More - Tonblende Remix
04 Schwarz & Licht - Sleepless Droids Remix
05 Contrast - Mr. Dupont Remix
06 Suspects - Relapsed by Implant
07 Driven - No Sleep By The Machine Remix
08 More - Nordarr Remix
09 Logikfehler - Vanish Into Air - Anti#Version by Logikfehler
10 Schwarz & Licht - Remix by Enabled Disaster
11 Catch Me - Run and Hide Remix by Sleepwalk
12 Anti#Versus - Paint Them Blind Re,ox by Venetian Blind

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