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After several years of silent confinement, Munich based amGod frontman broke the restraints and started testing new material on stage... The resonant feedback received both in person and through the internet blog communities let Dominik van Reich’s inner darkness regenerate at full speed.amGod is the creative output of multi-talented artist Dominik van Reich, ex-frontman of German harsh dark electro act yelworC. Created in 1993, thisconceptual solo-project founds its creative inspiration from the word “dogma” symbolizing the first commandment in the inverted sense “I am God”, a direct connection with egotism and narcissism - with the morbid attraction of falling in love with oneself and all the related states of envy, dissatisfaction and aggression...Depicting the abysses of mankind and today’s decline of society, the new amGod album continues where it all stopped by incorporating new sounddirections and integrating influences gathered over the years. With a forward dancefloor approach mixed with heavily fused synthesizers and somemanipulated guitars, amGod stands more than ever for threatening dark electro-industrial with hard dominant vocals… In addition, the music is perfectlyreinforced by high-impact visuals and design. Image of course remains an integral part of the amGod concept and the new album therefore sees itselfdivided into 2 chapters of musical nightmares split across 2 full discs sub-titled "Creeped & Bloody" and "Harsh & Dirty" and each presented as a stand-alone release with each an expanded 20-page booklet full of eye-disturbing deviant artwork by the genius artist Phil Amelung ( offers an multi-senses assaulting extravaganza through a complex visual and sonic architecture of malevolent electronic ambiance, dark electro sequences, powerful distorted vocals and dirty manipulated guitar sounds. From the orchestral grandeur of "God Complex (part 2)" to the upbeat club devastator "Pain & Desire", through the dark elektro pearls "On The Hunt", "Dreamcatcher" or yet "Fight!", there is also the ear challenging "Brap Talk"and "War Trap", without mentioning the hypnotizing 13+ minutes long upgraded version of "Stigmata" and the upgraded remake of yelworC"s classic"Soulhunter"... amGod is on the hunt again – run for shelter before the beast grabs you!!The band"s numerous fans will be thrilled when they will have the luck to put their hand on the carton box 3CD limited edition of this album including bonus artwork as well as the exclusive remix album "Remixes" gathering collaborations and remix works from artists coming from various music scenesand including DJ La Sash & DJ Sandra Gold, Leaether Strip, DJ Roberto Q. Ingram, Diabolic Art, Implant, Kant Kino, etc as well as 2 remix / reinterpretations by amGod himself...Released late November, 2010 on Alfa Matrix.Track Listing CD1 "Dreamcatcher: Creeped & Bloody":01 God-Complex [Part 2]02 Absorb03 Pain & Desire04 Nightmare05 Like a Prayer [Album]06 CyberChrist 201007 No Comment! (God bless all Idiots]08 Deep Down09 Massaker10 Fight! [Album]11 On the Hunt [Short]12 Stigmata 201013 The End...CD2 "Dreamcatcher: Harsh & Dirty":01 Dreamcatcher02 Paranoia03 Soulhunter 201004 War Trap05 Blood on the Wall06 Schuldig (Guilty)07 Brap Talk08 My Love is Gone...09 Crime! 201010 Cultures11 Rain from Heaven12 I am Innocent13 The Guilty have no RightsCD3 "Slaved & Deeply":01 War Trap [Cruelty March]02 Stigmata [Torture remix by LA MAGRA]03 Fight! [DJ La Sash & DJ Sandra Gold remix]04 Massaker [The4HorsemanOfTheApocalipseMix by IMPLANT]05 Fight! [Comandante remix by DJ Roberto Q. Ingram]06 Like a Prayer [BRAIN LEISURE remix]07 On the Hunt [Robots Attaquent Séquenceur remix by Christian IV E. Machina]08 Massaker [EXPERIMENT HAYWIRE remix]09 Blood on the Wall [Magic Infex remix by CIRCUITRY MAN]10 Like a Prayer [LEAETHER STRIP remix]11 On the Hunt” [DIABOLIC ART remix]12 Fight! [Wax Off remix by KANT KINO]13 Like a Prayer” [Insanity vs Christianity mix]

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