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AGONISED BY LOVE are a surprising act to be found on Alfa Matrix. Many would indeed have expected their style of music on labels such as 4AD or Projekt! But the Alfa Matrix team immediately fell under the charm of their very emotional dark electronic music and a new promising collaboration was initiated. The duo offers us orchestral and romantic arrangements lead by expressive vocals touching you deep in your heart. A bit of CLAN OF XYMOX"s catchy dynamics, a bit of DIARY OF DREAMS mysterious depth and a bit of DEINE LAKAIEN"s classical allure. AGONISED BY LOVE stand at the crossroads where upbeat electronic modernity and classical romantic darkwave encounter for the millennial clash of sounds with astounding multi-coloured vocal performances bringing reminiscences of THE CURE or yet DEPECHE MODE. I have rarely encountered an album holding so much emotion, truth and natural beauty. A unique characteristic that will allow AGONISED BY LOVE to easily export their current homeland cult-status outside the confined borders of Poland. Let their bombastic electro-wave music guide you into the abysmal depths of love and pain… Tracklist: 1. after dark (she came)- 2. silent war- 3. my sweet november- 4. more love.more suffer- 5. frozen in me- 6. little ghost- 7. just perfect sin- 8. cover my world- 9. soul"s humility- 10. close behind you- 11. all of white horizons- 12. silent war (ROTERSAND mix)- 13. my sweet november (NEIKKA RPM mix)- 14. frozen in me (HUNGRY LUCY) mix)

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