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The limited box edition of the album holds a bonus full length album of remixes, plus photos & stickers. Tracklist: 1. after dark (she came)- 2. silent war- 3. my sweet november- 4. more love.more suffer- 5. frozen in me- 6. little ghost- 7. just perfect sin- 8. cover my world- 9. soul"s humility- 10. close behind you- 11. all of white horizons- 12. silent war (ROTERSAND mix)- 13. my sweet november (NEIKKA RPM mix)- 14. frozen in me (HUNGRY LUCY) mix) Tracklist CD2 (only available in the limited box edition): 1. frozen in me (orchestral version)- 2. cover my world (grayscale mix)- 3. soul"s humility (YENDRI mix)- 4. my sweet november (IMPLANT mix)- 5. more love.more suffer (forgotten sunrise mix)- 6. frozen in me (moon rock mix)- 7. soul"s humility (GOD"S BOW mix)- 8. little ghost (vinky mix)- 9. my sweet november (winter is coming mix by controlled collapse)- 10. close behind you (follow mix by mano juodoji sesuo)- 11. soul"s humility (stochastic theory mix)- 12. frozen in me (infrastructure mix)- 13. silent war (no prisoners mix by the void of nul haide)- 14. soul"s humility (redefinition mix by orpheus in red velvet)

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