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Psycho Dynamics, in collaboration with Alfa Matrix, proudly adds prestigious US artist ADAM X to its roster, who has performed alongside artists such as Aphex Twin, Surgeon & Joey Beltram or yet Fixmer/McCarthy. Adam"s list of solo commercial releases and collaborative projects on CD and vinyl is simply impressive and includes labels like Wax Trax-TVT, Instinct Records or yet his own Sonic Groove label. Adam got started in NYC in the early "90s -an era of a burgeoning grass-roots music and club culture, which he himself had contributed to. Following teenage years of aerosol art, underground club music & electronic creativity in the late 80s, Adam X & his brother Frankie Bones found their way to techno, a new and emerging genre. ADAM X"s sound is best described as hard, EBM and industrial inspired dance-floor electro. - Adam X penetrates, educates and infuses his audience with a real energy, often drawing from dark & sexual themes, through the mastery of the electronic music medium he has gained from a prolific career. Adam has always stayed on the cutting edge of electronic music and his sound has progressed from the darker moods of early Belgian, German, UK and Detroit techno, to a harder Industrial sound now compiled on "Fate Unknown" release whose first pressing includes a special exclusive bonus 6-track ep!Expected late August, 2005.Tracklist CD01: 01. 2nd Mission 02. Media Lies 03. Scanning ou 04. Phobic 05. Last Man Standing 06. Chaos & Mayhem 07. Digital Eyes 08. Balance of power 09. Rebellion in 2071 10. Automaton Lovers 11. I sit Alone.CD02 (only available for the first pressing): 01. Sensory Overload (Monolith Remix) 02. Packard Plant 03. Another Long Drive 04. Is It Déjà Vu? 05. Photosensitivity 06. Systematic Response.

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