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Acretongue is the first electronic project we know of from South Africa and despite the associations one might have with its country of origin, “Strange Cargo” is bursting with perfection, starting with the incredible cover art and extending to the dark, hypnotic and nonetheless warmly enveloping music.Hailing from a musical no-man’s-land between Mind.In.A.Box and haujobb, Acretongue have a distinct style all their own, although their extensive, complex electronics may remind electro connoisseurs of bygone days and bands like Trauma, Violet Arcana, Clock DVA, Chris & Cosey and This Digital Ocean. Ethereal melodies like these are sadly difficult to find these days on an electro-industrial record. Acretongue’s complex, slightly melancholy brand of electro, free of heavy percussion but graced with hypnotic, dark romantic vocals, marks a welcome return to a nearly forgotten sound.Thematically and stylistically, Acretongue explores individuality. This philosophy is reflected not only in the album artwork but also in the sound, creating an unusually haunting album with exceptional sound design, a welcome new face on the electro and synthpop landscape.Leader Nico J. has spent over four years putting the finishing touches on his “Strange Cargo”, but the wait has been worth it: easily an electro highlight of the year!Released October 10th, 2012 on Metropolis Records.Track Listing:01 Origin02 Flowers in the Attic03 Unspoken04 These soft Machines05 Orphans´s Affinity06 Amber07 Dragonfly (Version)08 Riven09 Strange Cargo10 Oblivion

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