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"Lower lip interface" - an orgy of synth-wizardry, complex rhythms and manipulated vocals! Forcing beats meet distorted sequences, overlayed with a stunning usage of effects, interrupting breaks and acoustic instru-mentation. Economically used sampling and distraction add up the tracks, a style Architect (aka Myer of Haujobb) is known for since the beginning. This is state-of-the-art electronic sound inseminated with sweat, sex and aspiration, showing Myer"s ability to push a few knobs and get a highly concentrated extract of sweat, pain and lust. This album proves Daniel Myer as a sixty-minute man who knows how to use all of his" tools. Enjoy these ten climaxes plus the three phantastic remixes by Torrent Vacine, Nebulo and Synnack - beware of the lower lip interface!Released late February 2007.Track Listing:01. Ghost Of A Working Man02. Catch The Target03. Caballa Smells Funny04. A Caine In The Brain05. Pissed In The Morning06. R For Vendetta ( Ribi For President )07. Routine ( With Klima )08. Let The Bastards Get Away09. A Perfect Kiss, No Tongue10. Stairway11. Ghost Of A Working Man ( Torrent Vaccine Remix )12. Stairway ( Nebulo Remix )13. A Caine In The Brain ( Synnack Remix )

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