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41954-2 Angelspit: THE PRODUCT CD


Angelspit's fifth album "THE PRODUCT" is an anthem to sonic warfare. THE PRODUCT features digital troublemakers such as Helalyn...
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37332-2 Geist: GROTESQUE


[geist]"s full-length debut, released in 2010.Track List:1. Radio Free Motion2. Mizery3. Sa:dism4. AB-5. Starlight Opera6. The Brilliant Black7....
$12.99  $4.99
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20882-2 Pablo & Paula: FEELING COLD

Pablo & Paula: FEELING COLD

$16.99  $4.99
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40218-2 Silicon Scientist, The: WINDOWS ON THE WORLD

Silicon Scientist, The: WINDOWS ON THE WORLD

Artist: The Silicon Scientist Overview: Format: CD Details: The Silicon Scientist is Stefan Bornhorst from Northern Germany, and you will hear that...
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42122-2 Spiritual Bat, The: MOSAIC CD

Spiritual Bat, The: MOSAIC CD

Historic band in the Italian goth scene, known abroad for several original releases and three coast-to coast tours in the USA, in addition to several...
$14.99  $9.99
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37330-2 Typherus: TYPHERUS EP


A whirlwind of melodic songs and inspirational tunes. With a mixed sound similar to their previous album but with twists of modern rock.
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33568-2 Unborn, The: SECOND BIRTH (PART 2)

Unborn, The: SECOND BIRTH (PART 2)

From the artist:"The Unborn, a pioneer Gothic Metal band in Argentina, presents its second album, "The Second Birth Pt II", together with the...
$14.99  $4.99
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18264-2 Various Artists: EMRE (Dark Matter)

Various Artists: EMRE (Dark Matter)

Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Released through the World Serpent label December 2000.

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11308-2 Various Artists: Unfinished, The

Various Artists: Unfinished, The

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42795-2 Worms of the Earth: SITRA ACHRA CD

Worms of the Earth: SITRA ACHRA CD

Industry8 and Worms Of The Earth present Sitra Achra, their second release together. With this release Worms Of The Earth have challenged themselves...
$12.99  $8.99
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