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16Pad Noise Terrorist

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45984-2 16Pad Noise Terrorist: EUNOIA CD

16Pad Noise Terrorist: EUNOIA CD

Eunoia, a Greek term which can be translated as the goodwill established as a foundation of human interaction, also as mental health - which might be...

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39910-2 16Pad Noise Terrorist: EVILUTION

16Pad Noise Terrorist: EVILUTION

Two years after „Utopia“, Candy Schlüer of S.K.E.T. returns with his second album. “Evilution” is a statement in his very own way, mastered...

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37103-2 16Pad Noise Terrorist: UTOPIA

16Pad Noise Terrorist: UTOPIA

A diverse blend of club tracks in a wide range from highspeed hardcore tunes to slow-steady tracks. In total they all have a quite unique symbiosis...

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42446-2 16Pad Noise Terrorist: ZEIT

16Pad Noise Terrorist: ZEIT

Presented in a remarkable 3D-print cover designed by Nicola Bork, this album musically stands out as cutting-edge modern, suited for inducing...

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