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38482-2 Wieloryb: EMPTY

Wieloryb: EMPTY

Wieloryb is Polish for whale, and the band does have a lot in common with that animal: It rarely surfaces, it has a long lifespan and when it...

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40500-2 Wieloryb: NAMASTE

Wieloryb: NAMASTE

After the whale had kept below the waterline for almost two decades, it resurfaced in 2011 with its HANDS debut “Empty” to take the scene by...

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42164-2 Wieloryb: ROOT

Wieloryb: ROOT

Polish veteran (and seasoned live act) Wieloryb delivers his third album for HANDS in a short time, and just what is the kind of metamorphosis to...

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43923-2 Wieloryb: SEMANTIK CD


With their fourth album in only five years Wieloryb is surely a quite productive artist. And like before, “Semantik” stays true to the act’s...

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