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44902-2 Chainreactor: DECAYED VALUES CD


Chainreactor is back and this time with a dark dance floor double feature! "Decayed values" resets the standards of today's industrial music. For...

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43448-2 Chainreactor: DIRT CD

Chainreactor: DIRT CD

For already more than six years Chainreactor brings movement to dark clubs around the globe. Even though often declared dead, the industrial project...

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38339-2 Chainreactor: INSOMNIAC

Chainreactor: INSOMNIAC

Artist: Chainreactor Overview: Format: CD Details: Right from the release of their first album on Pro Noize, it was clear, that CHAINREACTOR were not...

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47235-2 Chainreactor: INTERLINKED CD

Chainreactor: INTERLINKED CD

More than a decade ago Chainreactor started to invade dance floors all over the world, armed with a healthy dose of hard and pounding electronic...

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42140-2 Chainreactor: MASS DRIVER

Chainreactor: MASS DRIVER

There's hardly another project commited to a hard-line synthesis of noise, industrial and techno beside Chainreactor. Since 2009 the Chainreactor...

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40794-2 Chainreactor: SILENCE & THE NOISE, THE

Chainreactor: SILENCE & THE NOISE, THE

Artist: Chainreactor Overview: Format: CD Details: Now armed with a whole set of dark and pumping sounds the new album "The silence and the noise"...

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35433-2 Chainreactor: X-TINCTION

Chainreactor: X-TINCTION

Artist: Chainreactor Overview: Format: CD Details: In the beginning this music project, founded by Jens Minor, was experimenting with different...
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