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Autumn's Grey Solace

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33189-2 Autumn's Grey Solace: ABLAZE

Autumn's Grey Solace: ABLAZE

The flame of inspiration continues to burn brightly on Ablaze, the fifth album (in six years) from ethereal shoegaze artists Autumn"s Grey Solace....

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40287-2 Autumn's Grey Solace: DIVINIAN

Autumn's Grey Solace: DIVINIAN

Autumn"s Grey Solace continues their musical evolution with the release of Divinian, their seventh full-length album. It is a must-have for fans of...

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38178-2 Autumn's Grey Solace: EIFELIAN

Autumn's Grey Solace: EIFELIAN

Autumn"s Grey Solace returns with Eifelian, their sixth full length album. Eifelian is a collection of fourteen luscious darkwave compositions built...

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26762-2 Autumn's Grey Solace: OVER THE OCEAN

Autumn's Grey Solace: OVER THE OCEAN

"Over The Ocean" is a lush tapestry of surreal instrumentation and deeply expressive vocals, documenting AUTUMN"S GREY SOLACE in an energetic,...

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28559-2 Autumn's Grey Solace: RIVERINE

Autumn's Grey Solace: RIVERINE

Heartfelt vocals and darkened guitars combine to form “Riverine,” the new ethereal shoegazer masterwork from AUTUMN’S GREY SOLACE. Erin...

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30522-2 Autumn's Grey Solace: SHADES OF GREY

Autumn's Grey Solace: SHADES OF GREY

Ever mindful of the lineage they have established, Autumn"s Grey Solace stays true to their musical roots while introducing a driving and aggressive...

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