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Atrium Carceri

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43435-2 Atrium Carceri: METROPOLIS CD

Atrium Carceri: METROPOLIS CD

This 11 track album is closely connected to ‘The Untold’ album and sheds more light unto what goes on in the Atrium Carceri universe and the...

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42822-2 Atrium Carceri: OLD CITY, THE OST CD

Atrium Carceri: OLD CITY, THE OST CD

This 15 track soundtrack by Atrium Carceri was composed for the Narrative Philosophical game “The Old City”. Soothing string like atmospheres,...

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36429-2 Atrium Carceri: PHRENITIS

Atrium Carceri: PHRENITIS

"The "Phrenitis" takes the listener to a twisted place where the walls between worlds are razed. The ruinous cities of wars long past, where time...

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39751-2 Atrium Carceri: RELIQUIAE

Atrium Carceri: RELIQUIAE

Atrium Carceri - Reliquiae sends the listener careening through the dim mists of time immemorial. There are asylums, prison halls and dark corridors...

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41670-2 Atrium Carceri: UNTOLD, THE

Atrium Carceri: UNTOLD, THE

From beyond the illusion, Simon Heath brings us another chapter in his dark ambient epic. With this ominous release, he takes us to the origins: the...

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41222-2 Atrium Carceri: VOID

Atrium Carceri: VOID

CRYO MIND is a brand new label, run by noone else than Simon Heath of Atrium Carceri himself! Atrium Carceri returns with a stunningly detailed album...

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