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Robert Rich Sleep Concert 6/3-6/4/17 Event Ticket (WILL CALL ONLY!)


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You will not receive a physical ticket for this event, instead your name will be placed on the WILL CALL LIST located at the venue, day of show. There will be no physical tickets for the event.

A ticket for the Robert Rich Sleep Concert event at midnight of Saturday, June 3rd, 2017. The event will take place at the sanctuary area (front entrance of building) of The Rotunda located at 4014 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA.

Robert Rich Sleep Concert
Live at The Gatherings Concert Series
Sunday 4 June 2017
Midnight to 8:00AM
Doors Open:
Saturday 3 June 2017
The Rotunda Sanctuary (front entrance of building)
4014 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PA

Robert Rich returns to Philadelphia and The Gatherings Concert Series for an eight hour sleep concert performance, from Midnight to 8AM, on Sunday 4 June 2016, within The Rotunda Sanctuary, 4014 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. Attendance is limited to 100 quietly prone attendees with proper sleeping apparatus. To learn more about Robert Rich and this event visit:

Important notes regarding this event:
Please be advised that the Robert Rich Sleep Concert of Sunday 4 June 2017 is not a typical installment of The Gatherings Concert Series. The remarkable location of this one time special event is The Rotunda Sanctuary, the front entrance of which is at 4014 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PA. This space does not offer any conventional seating whatsoever.

The Robert Rich Sleep Concert of Sunday 4 June 2017 is only open to 100 attendees. Advance Tickets are strongly recommended. Each attendee must arrive to The Rotunda Sanctuary between 10:30PM-11:30PM on Saturday 3 June 2017, and so will enter and become settled well in advance of the performance, which will begin promptly at midnight.

Admission after midnight will be at the discretion of the management.

Each attendee must provide their own sleeping bag, pad, blanket, pillow, or other reasonable and sensible sleeping apparatus, which will be used to recline or sleep upon. The quiet and fragile nature of this concert will not allow for socializing, the use of personal electronic devices, or late arrival. Please attend this event with the expectation of silent listening/resting and minimal disturbances.

Attendees may leave the sanctuary space at any time for the bathrooms located within The Rotunda. Once an attendee exits the building for the outside, they cannot be re-admitted.

The expectations and requirements of the Robert Rich Sleep Concert of Sunday 4 June 2017 are rather different from those of a conventional musical concert. Sound levels will be very low, distributed evenly throughout the space through an array of speakers. The duration of the Sleep Concert will be approximately eight hours. By complying with the criteria outlined above, we will respectfully encounter the artistry and musicianship of Robert Rich, commemorate the 40th anniversary of STAR'S END, and the 25th anniversary of The Gatherings Concert Series, as well as take part in a singular and unique communal experience.

TICKETS CANNOT BE RETURNED (unless the show does not take place, in which case we would naturally refund the cost of your tickets to you).

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