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TeHÔM brought a new "Live Assault" CD album with live audio recordings of the performance at the well known and huge Brutal Assault Festival - "Keep Ambient Lodge" in Czech Republic on 12th August 2016. and was released through label CYCLIC LAW Records (95th Cycle).

It was recorded both, through the mixing board as well as from two room microphones to capture glimpses of the live experience. Vocals and special drone sounds are made live with a tube instrument for this occassion and extra sounds are added in the live set.
Tracks are slower than the original studio album versions to give them even more sense of dense and organic ritual to the performance.

TeHÔM's music recalls visions of ancient cultures, evoked by hypnotic, abstract and organic soundscapes wrapped in ritualistic and esoteric atmospheres. It is almost orchestral electronic music filled with tribal sounds, also serving as an example for almost every kind of ritual.
The primordial flood of Chaos awaits to penetrate the innermost parts of your soul.

Released Late August 2017 on Cyclic Law.

Track Listing:
01. Intro (Theos Agnotos)
02. Darkness Cosmogony Of Myths
03. Perilous Depth
04. Abyss
05. Amorphous Structure
06. The World Ended
07. Modality Of Cosmic Matter

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