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While PSY’AVIAH surprised many with a certain focus on male-vocal songs on their last “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” album, they today decided to again put the album’s female special guest singers back in the spotlight on this new, amazing 17-tracks overlength ‘EP’ release…

With Kyoko Baertsoen (ex-HOOVERPHONIC, LUNASCAPE) and her unique timbre fitting so well this sorrowful blend of trip-hop rhythms and EBM basslines on “Alcubierre Drive” and Fallon Nieves and her powerful vocals with attitude on the floor-packing “Not What I Expected” and its incisive synth lines and hypnotic grooves à la PRAGA KHAN, Yves Schelpe nicely summarizes PSY’AVIAH’s amazing dichotomy of sound stretching from moody mid-tempo electronic tunes to modern upbeat club songs with a dark industrial edge.

Besides their exclusive “radio edit” versions, both title songs are also featured in alternative remixed versions by AVARICE IN AUDIO vs. STUDIO-X giving “Alcubierre Drive” a modern electro-rock trip-hop vibe while CYBORGDRIVE and KONER both put their very own stylish touch to this brilliant song, also reworked here in a touching and beautiful 9 minute plus dreamy version full of ambient electronics and liquid drum’n bass by DISKONNEKTED vs. J. WOLF. Last but not least, young rising talent ANTIBODY gives a full-force aggrotech turn to the aggressive “Not what I expected” and the beautiful bonus song “Alone” features the unmatched voice of Lis van den Akker from the melancholy Dutch band MISERY, a track also nicely mutated into 2 different trance dance remixes by renown act ETASONIC.

This PHYSICAL Fan-Edition also comes with 7 exclusive bonus tracks: besides 2 previously unreleased club remixes by trance/dance producer Tim Iron, Yves also reveals the melodic and floating “Hal9000”, a very early PSY’AVIAH demo work written back then under the MARION XUE moniker; as well as 4 atmospheric recordings he made back in 2002 as a soundtrack for a theatrical adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic novel “The Portrait Of Dorian Grey”. Compositions so nicely fitting the overall spacey atmosphere of PSY’AVIAH’s last studio album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars”. Open-minded electronic music with heart and soul!

Released mid-November 2016 on Alfa Matrix.

Track Listing:
01 Alcubierre Drive (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen) (Radio Edit)
02 Alone (ft. Lis van den Akker) (Radio Edit)
03 Not What I Expexted (ft. Fallon Nieves) (Radio Edit)
04 Alcubierre Drive (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen) (Avarice In Audio VS Studio-X remix)
05 Alone (ft. Lis van den Akker) (Etasonic VS Andre H. Dance Radio Edit)
06 Alcubierre Drive (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen) (Cyborgdrive remix)
07 Alcubierre Drive (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen) (KONER remix)
08 Alone (ft. Lis van den Akker) (Etasonic Vs. Andre H Dance Extended DJ Edit)
09 Not What I Expected (Antibody remix)
10 Alcubierre Drive (ft. Kyoko Baertsoen) (Diskonnekted vs J Wolf)
11 Last Of Us (ft. Mari Kattman) (Tim Iron remix)
12 Lessons from the Past (ft. Mari Kattman) (Tim Iron remix)
13 HAL9000 ("Marion Xue" sideproject demo from 2005)
14 Trumpets Fade (2002 Demo of Dorian Grey Theater Music)
15 Clock (2002 Demo of Dorian Grey Theater Music)
16 Tele (2002 Demo of Dorian Grey Theater Music)
17 Beat001 (2002 Demo of Dorian Grey Theater Music)

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