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Part 35 in the ‘EBM Klassiker’ series! In past months there were rumours that Syntec would return to the electro/pop/EBM scene. First live appearances on various festivals proved it and indeed, they ARE back! Uwe Kallenbach & Tobias Hartwig aka Syntec return with a collection of their greatest hits, rarities and unreleased material, while 2016 will see the launch of an all new album! The former Machinery Records band delivers a digital remastered collection of their most important songs to date such as ‘Puppets’, ‘Talk to the upper world’, ‘Angel’, ‘It’s a lie’ or ‘It takes a Word’. A must have for all old school fans and collectors!                

Released mid-January 2016 on Infacted Recordings.

Track Listing:
01 Talk to the upper World (isolated dance mix)
02 The Blind love the Blind (club mix)
03 Hope
04 The white Man
05 Puppets  
06 Try to be me  
07 It’s a Lie  
08 Eternity  
09 Angel (radio mix)
10 Fruits of you  
11 It takes a Word
12 No Brain - no Headache
13 Puppets (club mix)
14 The Blind love the Blind
15 Angel (club mix)
16 Nowhere Girl (90s dancefloor mix)

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