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Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip, Am Tierpark, Sequential Access, Klutæ) is back in full force with his electro punk side alter ego KLUTÆ. It's been 6 years since the latest album in 2011 so it was about time to get the Electro mosh-pit going again with some fresh new Old-school electro /EBM punk. It doesnt get any harder than this so hop on and enjoy the ride! Wake up the Punks!

Double LP on BLACK Vinyl, strictly limited to 200 copies, for the all new Klutæ Album! (expect our announcement of the CD version on ‘Læbel’ within the next 2 days) The limited VINYL version of "Black Piranha" comes including 4 Non-Album Songs, not available on CD.

Released late October 2017 on

Track Listing:
A1 The Wire & the Cuffs  
A2 Submission  
A3 Insect King  
A4 Bombs
B1 Panic is Bliss  
B2 Romania  
B3 Wake up the Punks  
B4 Belly-up
C1 To be  
C2 We breed  
C3 O.H.C.Y.S.P  
C4 Fucking Parasite
D1 Gaytruckerlovemeatbellyrubnonstop  
D2 Breathe My Dust  
D3 Draped despairs
D4 The Hurt has begun

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