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Within Reason, aka longtime aural mystifier Gregory Kyryluk, forges a bond between 70s Euro space fantasias, the skanking digital substreams of Basic Channel, and contemporary slo-mo rhythmic auteurs such as Bvdub, Vladislav Delay, and Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas project. Within Reason’s prior Periphery release, "Subtle Shift", found Kyryluk transcending historical genre constraints in the service of fomenting something other than a twist on accepted modes. "Transient Broadcasts" codifies his previous recording’s sultry velvet groove and logically progresses forward, auguring a headspace of sumptuous dynamics amidst its rippling digital environs.

"Transient Broadcasts" embraces a variety of mood-states and tonal dualities but it’s Kyryluk’s skillful arrangements that rearrange conceivably ‘familiar’ tropes into a chilly otherness, as rubbery beats sink into foggy embankments and pulsations ebb in thickening concentric circles. Most current practitioners of what is nominally known as dubtech or ambient techno or any other pat genre shorthand are content with the tried-and-truisms of reverb and delay; Kyryluk‘s fascination with sound processing reflects an omnivorous interest in electronica’s last 40 years of experimentative zeal.

Seizing a myriad of influences (Eno, early era Tangerine Dream, 90s post-techno beat culture, fourth-world semiotics) to navigate the opaque membranes separating analog church from digital state. Kyryluk’s not obsessed with reinventing the wheel but remains well aware of how its characteristics can be effectively modified. "Transient Broadcasts" speaks for itself, deftly illustrating how indeed everything old can be new again.

Collectors art edition housed in a lustrous, hinged rectangular tin containing two-panel insert. Limited to 300 copies.

Released March 2013 on Anodize.

Track Listing:
1. Assign Emotion 08:23        
2. Soul Pillow 08:09    
3. Correlate 09:40    
4. Amorphic Design 06:28    
5. Morke 09:45    
6. Diaphanous 07:21    
7. Sunrise Ekko 07:35
8. Contemplate.dream 09:12

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