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Whispers in the Shadow: BEYOND THE CYCLES OF TIME


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“This is departure, this is goodbye, the last chapter is now written, no truth here and no lies. Into chaos we fly.” (WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW - The Departure) 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014. Whispers in the Shadow stay true to their own tradition and release the long-awaited last part of their epic 4-album-cycle. The five Austrians have been an inherent part of the gothic scene since 1996 and are significantly involved in the conservation of the classic goth-rock. With ‘Beyond...’ WitS have now reached the end of their journey, the circle closes. The increasing warmth and confi-dence of the musical cycle are destroyed by heavy cold and thus unusual clarity manifests. Frosty synth-sounds meet monotonous, static drumbeats, the groundbreaking sounds are fueled by cold ambient and post-punk. Solely Ashley Dayour’s voice gives some warmth and guides the listener through those decayed towns and lonely places, which the music compulsorily creates in the mind and are rediscovered in the elaborately designed booklet. And so WitS succeed once more to astound the listeners and to cope with the high expectations at the same time. With unforeseen self-confidence and totally blunt they catapult themselves back into the chaos, as the cycle ends with the very sample with which everything began back in 2008: “No order only chaos!”

Released in 2014 on Solar Lodge.

Track Listing:
01 Crossroads
02 His Name Is Legion
03 Left Hand Anthem
04 The Sacrament
05 Save & Sound
06 Lilitu's Claws
07 Incantation
08 Agent Of Chaos
09 The End Of Future
10 Adversarial Light
11 The Departure

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