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The beginning of the new millennium: Future Pop and Dark Electro rule the Gothic clubs. The underground is in the hands of the Noise fanatics, while elite circles bow to true Industrial by labels like Ant-Zen or Hands. Enter SIECHTUM. And everything changes. The rhythmic thrust of Thomas Rainer's (NACHTMAHR, L’ÂME IMMORTELLE) and Joachim Sobczak's (SCHATTENSCHLAG) Industrial Electro outfit effortlessly establishes a close tie between these worlds by uniting the common taste with the progressive underground's aesthetics. Years before acts like COMBICHRIST began discovering this sound and bombing the clubs with a merciless mixture of Techno, Industrial and TBM, it is this German/Austrian duo spearheading this movement.

The double album “Zeiten:Wende” (“Dawning of a new age”) is a chronicle of this short but unparalleled career. Uniting the three official SIECHTUM releases “Gesellschaft:Mord”, “Kreuz:X:Feuer” and “Diagnose:Zeit”, the title alone tells a lot: SIECHTUM heralded a storm that still hasn't ebbed away. Pure primeval Industrial power as in “Agonie” or “Dunkler Tag”, martial and marching giants (“Winterstahl”) or the blueprint for the club oriented TBM front (“Meinungsindustrie”)... SIECHTUM unleashed a new age. An age, mind you, in which Thomas Rainer's project NACHTMAHR again rose to the throne only a couple of years later…

The three active years of SIECHTUM were visionary, determined and driven by harsh aggression. Not a long career, to be fair. But a career still reverberating today.

Released late October 2015 on Trisol Records.

Track Listing CD1:
01 Stilbruch
02 Gesellschaft:Mord
03 Rapid Eye Movement
04 Agonie
05 Dressed in Rape
06 Gedankengift
07 Lügenmarsch
08 Waffenschwur
09 Dunkler Tag
10 Puppet Master
11 Krachcollage
12 Atomkernspaltung
13 Bewegung (Bis der Arzt kommt)
14 Zweite Sicht
15 Nachwirkung
16 Gegenschlag
17 Kreuzfeuer
18 Krieg
19 Wiederstand
01 Die Ruhe nach dem Sturm
02 Totfingerschaltung
03 Chaos
04 Zweite Sicht (Schizophrenie)
05 Eisensturm
06 Schlagschatten
07 Meinungsindustrie
08 Judas Ischariot
09 New Breed
10 Zeitenwende
11 Winterstahl
12 Follow Me
13 Kontrolle
14 Drohnenfabrik
15 Diagnose:Zeit
16 Hochmut
17 Patient Tot
18 Flatline

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