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For a long time you have heard nothing about her, but now she`s back: In our time, where life is sometimes more like a masquerade, Sara sticked to her principles. „Entre quatre yeuxx“ [By four eyes] stands once again for sensitive novels, constructed in the acclaimed minimal electro style. There’s no escape from the emotional universe of Noxx on this album: Sara is kidnapping the listener who is condemned to swim between ‘want to do’ and ‘have to do’ something… Take part on her ‘Trip to Yourope’, stay a while ‘In the Garret’ or share her passion and despair in ‘Falling’, ‘Sleepless’ and ‘How should I breathe without you’… In ‘I’m in Love’ the electropoet Sara Noxx allows a glimpse on her most inner sensibility and intimate feelings – to finish the album with the extremely dark, almost suicidal ‘Exx oriente Luxx’ and ‘Sinking’ – tracks that appear shadowed by thousand fears…

Released February 2015 on Prussia Records.

Track Listing:
01 Wish
02 My World doesn`t revolve without you
03 Renaissance
04 At about Midnight
05 Die Liebe
06 B.low
07 Falling
08 How should I breathe without you (voxxless)
09 Inwardly disintegrated
10 In the Garret
11 Weg zurück
12 Back to Life
13 Sleepless
14 Let`s go out of my Hand
15 Trip to Yourope
16 Exx Oriente Luxx
17 Sinking

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