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Pecadores: ROGAI POR N

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ROGAI POR NÓS, PECADORES! comes two years after the band"s debut album "10% for Jesus". Pecadores goes far beyond rotules, the band itself doesn"t label its style as EBM or Industrial properly. Although its music has an electronic basis, the style is very diverse; it goes from Goth to Industrial to Electro and so on. Great sense of humour, usually a dark one, and lots of samples taken by local cults and Brazilian percussions together with electronic drums. The Brazilian mysticism in Pecadores" peculiar songs never seen before in Goth/Industrial scene; the sonority with electronic elements is very original.11 new tracks and 2 remixes by Nahtaivel (Brazil) and Mechanical Moth (Germany). Songs like Deus é Fiel, Quem não morre não vê Deus and Paranóia, tell us the real world of religion in Brazil. Others show us the history of candomble: Zé Pilintra and Exu Caveira. Other great song is Zé do Caixão (Coffen Joe). Music is a history of Coffen Joe (Zé do Caixão) the most important actor and director of horrour movies in Brazil even. Sample of some films are used in this song. Encosto, is other good track, talking about the bad soul keep inside people to do the bad things to the possessed person.All samples inside this new album come of many different religion and churchs inside Brazil.Released in 2010 on Wave Records.Track List:1. DEUS É FIEL?2. EXÚ CAVEIRA3. ZÉ DO CAIXÃO4. QUEM NÃO MORRE NÃO VÊ DEUS5. ENCOSTO6. ZÉ PILINTRA7. HELL IS FINE8. PARANOIA9. ROGAI POR NÓS, PECADORES!10. HUMILITY11. ESPÍRITO MALIGNO12. QUEM NÃO MORRE NÃO VÊ DEUS (REMIX BY NAHTAIVEL)13. HUMILITY (CREEPY REMIX BY MECHANICAL MOTH)

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