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Right out of the deepest depths of Death Valley, hailing directly from Creeptown, the 2 ghoulish brothers Chris & Matt Moribund set out to break all hell loose in the rest of this world. There in Death Valley, somewhere in the darkest corner of the world, near the pits of hell where impervious fog swallows all light, there lies Creeptown. Between the blood bank of a certain Dr. Acula (a Transylvanian of true blue blood) and the edge of the vast eerie forest lies the estate of the Moribund clan. Only a small sinister circle of initiates that the place of question is No. 666 Mockingbird Lane located in the direct neighbourhood of the Munster family... (some claim that "They came from Planet 13", wherever that place may be). This is where the "Nightwolf" roams, deep in the dungeons dwells the "Tragic Killer Creature" and "Body Snatchers" are operating a corpse-recycling facility. Just now the press confirmed that "Peter Vincent" cancelled his planned wedding with the "Bride of Blood". "She said destroy" and then "I bury you alive", but before I will feast at the "House of the Dead". Now that "Devil"s Night" is drawing nearer and nearer, the brothers Moribund thought they should deliver the soundtrack to this night of all nights and pay homage to our spooky little town and their weird inhabitants.Into being came a Horrorpunk album par excellence with influences of Deathrock, Goth-a-Billy and Batcave, driving drumrhythms, lashing and sawing guitars and an absolute sing-a-long attitude!

Released mid-June 2007.

01 Intro: Your funeral my smile
02 Tragic killer creature
03 House of the dead
04 They came from planet 13
05 Body snatchers
06 Bury you alive
07 Nightwolf
08 She said destroy
09 Peter Vincent
10 Bride of blood
11 Where werewolves are about
12 The crawling
13 Devils night

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