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Voted "Best up and coming act" by over 700 DJs during a contest organized by Alfa Matrix, FREAKANGEL from Tallinn/Estonia, joined the label army and started completing their dancefloor frontal attack debut, mixed and engineered in Germany in the renown X-Fusion Music Prod.Studio (NOISUF-X, X-FUSION, SUICIDE COMMANDO, etc.).FREAKANGEL is a mixture of aggrotech, industrial and dark electro with a touch of alternative rock. Benefiting from its members astounding experience (Dmitry i.: brain behind SUICIDAL ROMANCE, fr0zen: frontman of CYCLONE B, Art: ex-KAMALOKA guitarist), FREAKANGEL is ready to rock the elektro world with their unique exploding sonic cocktail...With “The Faults Of Humanity”, FREAKANGEL protests against politics and criticizes religions and our money-minded society. It’s an album about all of us... how brain-dead we act in this dying world of ours, how we have lost faith in ourselves and how we prefer to believe in television nonsense and pseudo-Gods. Humans sold their fate and traded love for sex on drugs, humans are the mistake of our world, the error to delete and eradicate... With their provocative attitude, FREAKANGEL is closing in, coming your way to disturb you, shock you, shake your senses, trigger hate and get your body moving. Welcome to their world… Don’t be afraid of monsters hiding under your bed – be afraid of FREAKANGEL!Released mid-June, 2010 on Alfa Matrix.Track Listing:01 Frailty02 Gods blind Game03 My Darling Bullet04 Crawling in the Dark05 The last White Dance06 Curse. Forgive. Kill. Cure.07 Together against it08 It"s not a Lovesong09 Price for all of us10 Under Code11 Finale Freakangel - Gods Blind Game by alfa-matrix

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