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One of the leading German Electro-Pop heroes are BACK again! 4 years after the last album “on/off” !distain reports back with their new album, already announced by 2 digital singles (‘Where in this World’ and ‘A Million Engines’) that both reached the Top 5 of German alternative charts! ‘Rainbow...’ offers on one hand – of course - wonderful, synthetic melodies, on the other hand once more the evidence that during all the years of their existence the band has persevered their versatility. They don’t rattle standards off, copy formulas for success and make concessions to any markets. In fact, they range once more skilfully between old school and new tech. The pleasant affinity for kitsch meets heavier sequences, and behind many a shallow-lovely appearing momentum hides a snappish verbal attack in the end.

Released Early June 2015 on Echozone.

Track Listing:
01 No One is to lead
02 Too many Walls
03 Where in this World
04 Back to History
05 A Million Engines
06 December
07 Rainbow Skies at Night
08 Variation in Light
09 Gunfires
10 Fragmente
11 Blackberry Morning

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