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Cacophoneuses: MYTH OF LORELEI


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Sandra and Joséphine aka Cacophoneuses have enchanted crowds since their spectacular appearance at the respected techno industrial festival Fondation Sonore in 2013, followed by nothing less than a Maschinenfest gig.

Now it is time for their proper debut album via HANDS, which follows their self-proclaimed goal to move you inside (and) out. Hearty technoid beats and arcane soundscapes that set the myth of Lorelei to music, an album alluring the listener into the world of this fresh female duo, in the no-man’s-land between rhythm’n’noise and techno.

After a coarsely atmospheric intro, the album holds 11 rhythmic tracks: From the tribal “You have bewitched me” with its psychedelic otherworldly sounds over the distorted technoid “With eyes full of stones” to the doomed “Obession”, from strangely atmospheric tracks like “French Kiss” to safe bets for the industrial dance floor like “Dirty Girls like dirty beats” or the closing title “Die of Love”, this is one tight rhythmic ride, starting slowly and sucking you in along the way.

“The Myth of Lorelei” is a sincere recommendation to anyone into rhythm’n’noise with a strong techno flavour, a debut which convinces through its atmospheric impact coupled with the punch of the beats!

Released May 2014 on Hands.

Track Listing:
01 The most beautiful Nymph
02 You have bewitched Me
03 With Eyes full of Stones
04 Obsession
05 French Kiss
06 Convent of the Virgins
07 Haunt my Remembrance
08 Dirty Girls like dirty Beats
09 Eyes are cursed
10 Wind twisted her Hair
11 Because of her Beauty
12 Die of Love

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