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Arrived October 27th - November 2nd, 2014

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42234-2 Bella Morte: EXORCISMS

Bella Morte: EXORCISMS

Bella Morte has returned with Exorcisms, the long awaited follow up to Before The Flood. The new album sees huge growth for the band, musically and...

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42368-2 Blitzmaschine: TURBINE

Blitzmaschine: TURBINE

The new BLITZMSCHINE album kept us waiting but now it´s finally time for the roll-out! While the debut mainly addressed interhuman topics this new...

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42345-2 Merciful Nuns: METEORA VII

Merciful Nuns: METEORA VII

Setting an extraordinarily elevated standard in musical quality, never excessive but always hitting a point of focus, we find ourselves taken back to...

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42344-2 Oil 10: MODULARIUM


A majestic journey creating infinite spaces into which you'll project deep feelings and lost epic memories. This unique kaleidoscopic mix of ancient...

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42332-2 Sol Invictus: ONCE UPON A TIME

Sol Invictus: ONCE UPON A TIME


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42346-2 Substaat: MACHT

Substaat: MACHT

2nd album by leading Norwegian EBM act, produced by ZEROMANCER’s Alex and incl. MESH remix! The songs are made from the heart and soul of the 3...

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42087-2 Tehom: LACRIMAE MUNDI


Active in the mid 90's, Croatia's TeHÔM has been resurrected in the past years by original member Miljenko Rajakovic. Their first 2 albums were...

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42236-2 Velvet Acid Christ: SUBCONSCIOUS LANDSCAPES


Densely layered, complex and atmospheric, Subconscious Landscapes sees Velvet Acid Christ pushing the boundaries further than ever. The act’s 16th...

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